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Aadhar Card Status : The availability of Aadhar Card is made easy with the help of online desk.The Unique Identification authority of India has made reach of Aadhar card widespread over the internet.Every one has to apply for it earliest as it is an important document.The entire process fom applying for Aadhar card and receiving by post will take  4 months.Much verification has to be done for obtaining the details and since it is highly confidential process.By making use of UIDAI’s online portal the status of an individual’s Aadhar card can be determined through the internet.And also with the help of mobile phone through the text message or SMS.Both methods are very simple to use.

After the particulars have been verified and the officials have satisfied and assured that they are genuine you will get a text message about the acknowledgement on your mobile number also you will an email. Download eaadhar Card From this link

Sometimes acknowledgement will not get from the other end then you have to check the satus of the Aadhar card online.The process is very complicated and needs a lot of verification and takes more time.There is no need to worry as there is always the option of checking the present status of your aadhar card online.

aadhaar card status online eaadhar.uidai.gov.in

Method to check Aadhar Card Status Online

eaadhar card status by name

Aadhar status can be checked by the following steps below:

  • Go to the UIDAI official website.
  • In the right bottom of the screen there is ‘Aadhar Services’ in which there is a link to ‘Enrolment/Download E-Aadhar/Update’
  • Once you click the link you will be redirected to Aadhar Kiosk which displays number of options with Aadhar Enrollment,update and status check.
  • On this page their will be Third option on the left like ‘Check Aadhar Status’.click it.
  • Once you click the option you will be redirected to the page where you can check the status of Aadhar.
  • The following information is to be entered in the spaces to check the status of your Aadhar:
  • Enrolment ID-enter your enrolment id in this space.it should be in the following format EID(1234/12345/12345)
  • Date and Time-enter the date and time in the next space.the date and time should be entered in the format like (dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss)
  • Security code-Enter the security code displayed on the screen.
  • Click the ‘Check Status’ button on the bottom of the screen.

Aaadhar Card Status By Enrolment Id

If you don’t know about your enrolment id number then you have to check the application form.At the top of the acknowledge slip you will see a 14 digit enrolment number as well as 14 digit date and time of your enrolment.These numbers will make your Temporary enrolment id(EID).

If you have entered any wrong information or incorrect ones then you will have the option of resetting or cancelling.

 verify mobile number online eaadhar.uidai,gov.in

Your mobile phone can also determine your aadhar status by following the steps below:

  • UIDAI official website should be visited.
  • Go to bottom of the screen where there is ‘Aadhar Services’ section which has a link to’Enrolment/download E-aadhar/update’.click the link.
  • Then you will be directed to the Aadhar Kiskos.Lot of options will be displayed on this page regarding Aadhar enrolment,update and status check.
  • In this page on the right hand side there is ‘Verify email/mobile’ option.click it.
  • You will be redirected to a page where the mobile number declared at the time of enrolment will be verified
  • Now enter the personal details such as
  • Your 12 digit Aadhar number.
  • Your mobile number or email id.
  • Enter the security codewhich is displayed on the screen and also click on ‘Generate Verification code’.
  • Now enter the verification code which has been sent to your mobile number.
  • To complete the verification process click on the verify button at the bottom of the screen.

Download aadhar card status by name

Check Aadhar card status with and without enrolment details

Aadhar card application status checking is a simple and straight forward process.UIDAI has made access to all the citizens regardless of having acknowledge details or not having it.Before that it was not possible to know the details of your aadhar card application status without having the acknowledgement details.

Any citizen can now find out their UID Card Status by following the steps.

Download eaadhar card status by acknowledgement

Method to check Aadhar status with Acknowledgement details

Any one having the acknowledgement details can check the Aadhar status by following the steps below:


  • UIDAI oficial website should be opened.
  • On the bottom right side you will find the link ‘Aadhar Services’.
  • Click on the link then you will be redirected to Aadhar Kiosk page where there are lot of links related to Aadhar.go to ‘Get Aadhar’link where there is option called ‘Check Aadhar Status’.
  • Click ‘Check Aadhar Status’ on kiosk page or ‘Get Aadhar’ page.
  • A page will open where you have to enter details to check Aadhar status.
  • All the blank spaces should be filled with relevant information also ‘*’ marked should be cumpulsory filled.
  • Enrolment ID number should be enteredas shown in the format EID (9876/98765/9876)
  • Date and Time should be entered in the second space in the format like (dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss)
  • Four digit security code should be entered which is shown on the screen.
  • ‘Check Status’ should be clicked which is at the bottom of the page.


Method to check Aadhar Status without Acknowledgement Details

If at all the acknowledgement slip is lost or enrolment number can’t be remembered still you can check the status of your Aadhar card by following below steps:

  • UIDAI website should be visited.
  • On the bottom of the screen you can find ‘Aadhar services’ link.click on it.
  • Next screen will show the button ‘find UID/EID’ which is on the left hand side of the page and the fourth link.
  • You will be redirected to the next page where it will ask do u like to recieve your Aadhar number or lost Enrolment number.
  • If you want to recieve your Enrolment number choose (EID) option.
  • You have to enter the personal details in the spaces provided.
  • Full Name
  • Mobile number or Email id
  • Security code which is displayed on the screen should be entered.
  • ‘Get OTP’ button should be clicked.
  • After receiving the OTP on your email or mobile number enter it in the ‘enter OTP’ space provided.
  • ‘Verify OTP’ button should be clicked.
  • Then you will get aadhar enrolment number either on your mobile number or email.


Check Aadhar status through Indian Post

You can also find the Aadhar card status online on the official website of Indian Post.UIDAI is providing various facilities which will send the Aadhar card to your home free.After the Aadhar card enrolment aadhar card will be dispatched to your home from 60 to 90 days.Also at any post office you can check the delivery status of your Aadhar card using the Aadhar number.

On the official website of the  indian post aadhar card status can also be checked.You have to visit the website and enter Aadhar enrolment number,date and time of enrolment.after entering these details delivery status of the Aadhar card will be shown on the screen


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